Monday, September 20, 2021



Elbow grease costs little.  These are great times to get outside and apply elbow grease and a little TLC to our yards. 

Another harvesting of our 4 basil plants. Time consuming, but saving what we grow is part of the program. Sitting and snipping leaves brings with it good use of my time and satisfaction. This particular harvest of basil was rinsing, chopping and stuffing into an ice cube tray. Frozen cubes of basil zip locked and ready for soups/stews simmering on the stove. 

A quiet week. First world problems from gardening, yardwork, computer work, lunch out with visiting family and the general comings and goings. Hard to turn a blind eye to worldly chaos, but staying busy with chores and outings helps.

From American Digest.   "If I were the Devil." by Paul Harvey. 

I have heard this a few times over the years. But listening to this in today's climate is chilling. 


Instrument panel of OH-13  Army training helicopter at Ft. Wolters Texas, 1966.

Running the tides, San Juan Islands, 1986.

Hughes 500 in confined area

 Early morning; DeHavilland DH-2 Beaver, Ketchikan, Alaska


Short post this week. Appreciate the visit.


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