Sunday, April 25, 2021



Example of gun display. A very good target pistol. Been on the market for years and has gone through a series of changes. History here. Price is right in today's market. Notice it is used. 

Very good first time buyer choice. Ammo available although more spendy. But not the $1 a round found from most sellers these days for center fire ammo. Still affordable to purchase and to plink with. Can learn everything about use, correct terminology in a gun environment and gun safety with this pistol. 

These little pistols are keepers and will shoot forever. Also a great pistol to learn take-down , cleaning, maintenance and re-assembly. 

I heard folks selling and talking pistols referencing handguns as a "weapon". This is a "no no." They are pistols, handguns, revolvers, semi-automatics; not "weapons." I would have hoped folks in the business would get and use correct terminology. 

Regardless, a very good turn out in a small town gun show. All ages, walks of life and both men and women. (Probably just annoyed some one here.) 

Chatter among the vendors indicated very big turn-outs at other Texas gun shows these past few months. Proving the fact that more and more folks are wanting and purchasing guns and ammo. AND NO!! cannot walk into a gun show and easily pick up a gun without going through a background check and clearing through proper paperwork. Vendors can also choose if they want to sell you a gun or not. No reason for a "no" answer. Look or act a little "hinky" is enough to earn a "no" in these troubled times.

Availability of most pistols and rifles: yes. Costs are noticeably higher.  

FOUND MEME ON ACE OF SPADES a few days ago. 

Just have to share because I remember every one of these. Dirt!!!

Lets add:

1. drive-in movies.

2. spit wads.

3. playing stretch (grade school) with our pocket knives.

4. getting our first car at 16.

5. family dinners

6. walking several miles to and from school

7. shooting marbles during recess

8. five and dime. 

9. tetherball

10. high school club initiations. Jail time today!!

11. lake pipes. 

12. public hacks from teaches using paddles with holes drilled in them. Taught me!! Boys only. 

13. AND a school assembly called where "the bad boys" would be marched up on the stage and the principal would deliver the public hacks. We survived and helped build the world. Now it is all be given away and where are the men who will stand up? Hiding at home, living with mom and dad! ok, ok...



Awake at three. Seven hours good sleep. Coffee time. 

Early morning garden protection for possible freeze. A light coat of water mist to all the fledgling plants. Holding at 34 degrees but temperatures always seems to drop a few degrees at day break. 

Neighbor said to mist. Internet gives a more detailed explanation of why it works.

As for me I just misted every half hour. Had there been wind, I would not have had to mist as the wind would have prevented freezing. Did not know that. Neighbor did. 

Bright light on the right was an RYOBI battery shop light. Got it awhile back just in case I might need good light at night. 

Recently purchased a watering nozzle with adjustments from misting to full on. Another good buy as the misting worked perfectly for this need. No way I could have "squirted" a proper light mist. 

There was a noticeable dew on the car windows and I tested each time I went out to see if it was glazing. Close, but did not. 

I knew of this procedure for crop protection but never needed it. Eastern Washington has large fans in some of the crop fields with tall misting nozzles plumbed through the growing fields. All that work and expense because it works. Have seen the same here in east Texas.

So another hands-on east Texas test learning experience. 



Looking at you looking at me looking at you! 



Fence building re-using materials from the oil drilling industry. 



Typical old oil rig drilling pipe and sucker rod fence where ever the eye looks driving back east Texas roads. I have passed some of the best photo worthy fields these past few weeks, but have not had the opportunity to stop the car alongside the high with time to take a good photo. Safety more than anything. 

But this week we were cruising with neighbors running on the edge of the "The Big Woods" outside Gilmer, Texas. 

We found this field rounding a back road corner.  This is a fairly good example of the kind of everyday spring scenery during the coming and goings from home to town and back. I ramble from to time about landscapes here. How common and absolutely drop dead gorgeous are the Piney Woods in east Texas! Not a question.



One of her purchases from Canton's first Monday. Yard covered with bark mulch finally and the deer set in place. One more check-off of her list of Spring things to get planted or set in place. I have never been much of a fan of things like this. But full disclosure, I very much like this. And yes, have given her "atta girls" this week for her efforts. 



Rumor is they started here. An east Texas good eats. Neighbor says the best they like are at Doc's in Gilmer

"We are going to Doc's for hot links. Pick you up at 11 AM if you want to go." 
Her said yes and an hour later we were on the road. 

Hot Links! A cold weather meal according to neighbor. Hot Links are greasy. No other way to put it. But therein lies the draw. I think!

I cannot boast of this being one of my favorite eats nor can I say it falls at the other end of the spectrum. For me, Hot Links are still a work in progress. '

I love sausage, but hot links are different; very different for me. I am used to sausages that are packed tight inside the casing. Hot Links are loosely packed and when cutting the casing the inners tend to fall out. A wet chili consistency of meats and juices. Stay with me here.

If the casing is not easily cut and for me quite often each hot link cut fails and the sausage flattens and self drains. Casing and meat separated on the plate. Scooping is in order. But I am not alone. When watching others, and the place is always packed with folk, their hot links also appear to be like mine. They do not care one iota. 

Before I go further, know that hot links are a buck a piece and a normal order is 4/6/8. Sides are beans, potato salad, chili and so forth. The gals filling the orders pull a high school plastic lunch tray off the shelf, put down a sheet of wax paper and plop the hot link order in the middle of that wax paper. Links are usually still tied together. Redish/dark brown in color. Short, fat, stubby in shape. 

Entering Doc's for the first time one notices the eating set up. No tables. One long U shaped picnic table, with the kitchen at one end. Family style. Find a space for your party, pull out a bench and sit down. 

Withing a minute or two of starting the attack on the hot link order, the school lunch tray and wax paper are starting to look like a puddle of meat, casing and sauce. One chases the meal expansion as lunch progresses. I find pushing the edges of the meal back to the center a norm. Everyone is doing that. 

Bottom line, trying hot links is a must experience. Something I feel the wanting/need to further try and enjoy. But what haunts me most, is the flavor. Grease yes and I am ok with grease. This is how I was first introduced to pizza. Never looked back and miss pizza eateries where hand fulls of napkins need to be applied to the top of the cooked pizza before it is served.

The flavor of hot links tastes neutral. I cannot put into words the flavor. And I try. My saving grace is BBQ sauce. And there it is, hot links scoops topped with BBQ sauce and it all comes together. Even the grease filled chili (not complaining) once topped with a dollop of BBQ sauce finds its home on the pallet. 

Folks come from all around to both Pittsburg and Gilmer just for hot links. Doc's is a busy place at lunch time. Noticeable in take outs and picnic table sit downs. Buzzing. The love for some good east Texas hot links is a real thing. This I do understand.

Her and I will drive long distances for a real corn dog. Talked about that already. Describing each bite. There is something to be said about all of us simply liking what we like. 

And corn dog time has again arrived in east Texas. About an hour away. 



At some time the pot boils over. Left on high with abandon, the boil over makes a mess and if continues un-attended, the boil over becomes a red hot pan bottom, smoke and flames.  

Weekly I notice more and more stupidity thrown into the pot raising the temperature. No attempt to control or look for a simmer. More and more fuel added. A wait and see attitude hoping. Hope is not a plan. Seems more than likely boil over is getting closer. 

Longer reads. Will take you time. Written by a man who has lived what is possibly coming. Sees all the same warning signs. Shares his insights and today's parallels of similar events. 

As always, information is good. Like the thunderstorms that rolled through yesterday, we knew they were coming. Some severe forecasted. Just knowing that storm events were on their way, we upped our evening game plan for self protection. To the shelter within a minute from a dead sleep if we had to. Knowing and a little planning would prevent panic. Also, not every little AFTER storm detail was adequately covered. It never will be. Basics were. 

I believe big storms are ahead for this nation and other countries/nations. Acting today to prevent panic for my family/friends/neighbors is a healthy endeavor. Will the storms pass directly over head, linger for weeks/months or will they burn out before they get here?

Peace of mind comes at a cost of being informed, time and actionable activity. 

Every little bit helps. 

God Bless. Thanks for the visit.


  1. I'm not that old, but I'm old enough to remember when "then" told "when" and "than" was used for comparison. At least that's what I was taught growing up in East Texas (between Cleveland and Tarkington Prairie). From that list, I remember 2 - 7 and 9 - 17. From your additions, I remember all but 11 and 13. I must be older than I think.

    After 10 years in the USAF (San Antonio and Omaha), then 9 years in Katy & Cypress, TX, I've lived outside of Kansas City for the last 21. Your blog sure makes me homesick.

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