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East Texas is greening. First hay mowing later next month and I am guessing that there will be two mowing seasons this year. Rain and sunshine produce here.

Temperatures warming. The late afternoons are perfect for these aching bones. Not quite a long hot shower, but warmth that noticeably soaks over time.

Not sure if I should apologize to readers about too much weekly writing of our daily living here. Not exciting, yet a perfect world for us. Older folks enjoy the simplicity of sitting, visiting and I for one, am amazed every morning as I head out to visit the garden. Quite often overnight will bring seed from just breaking the ground to full sprouting with an inch growth. A birthing.

It may not be rocket science, but there is a lot to learn to getting things to grow. Bugs enjoy what we are starting to grow. How to control? Watering? I tend to over-water. That can actually drown plants. I did not know that. I am getting better, but dry dirt sends me to the watering hose.

Perfect days are a lot of sun followed by a night of quick thunderstorms. Mother Nature seems to prefer her sun and her watering. I can see that in the freshness of the plants the morning after a good rain.

The food chain here is fresher all around too. It can be seen in the local markets and of course the weekend farmer's markets. Fruits, vegetables, eggs, chicken, pork, beef and baked goods. More choices of very good eats. Last cut of romaine test planting above, earlier in the season. There is sweetness and a freshness that is hard to put into words in the harvesting of garden fresh. 

Chicks are in brooding pens in feed stores. Their chirping cannot be missed walking in. They are begging to be scooped up and taken home. But they soon become a job, at least would be for me. Too late in life. But fresh eggs are worth the work. Fresh farm eggs are in the loop now.



As a younger man I always saw the older people in a different light. Not negative nor sympathetic, but viewed in the end of years. I thought how limited they were, not able to get out and go fast like "us younger" people. They must be missing so much?

Today I realize they were looking at my youth and were rejoicing in not having to ever go through the learning experiences still ahead of me. If I was judging them, then they were, too, probably judging me. “Poor young man, has no clue what is ahead of him...the upsides, downsides, hours and hours of work and keeping everything and everyone running and fine tuned.” They had lived the learning curves still ahead of me at that time of my life. They had no desire to keep it up and for sure not to have go through all of that again.

I did not realize the quality of life in the later years that come from a rocking chair and chatting, a drop-dead nap in an old worn-out chair and owning the days as we chose. Leisurely running in 1st or 2nd gear and being able to pull over and stop the engine for a while, on a whim.

I did not see that life slowing down would brighter colors of smaller insignificant moments, the beauty of nature and the wonderment of the large world we all live in and time to talk with my wife. Slower living and learning at a pace where it can be more appreciated and enjoyed.

To my point. Blogging in these summer months ahead may focus a bit on these small 3 acres and the bigness of east Texas. The changing world around us and these past 5 years of worldly comments and opinion may pass me by for awhile. Well, unless the aliens land. I'll have to talk about that.


Many a youngster have started from sitting on the fender of an old Ford tractor as their grandparents drove to work the fields, then to their first driving lessons, then to themselves driving farm equipment years before becoming teenagers. 

Everywhere here is a photo-rich environment. Old tractors with every kind of attachable implement still work the land. I am a big fan of what man has made to get jobs done. And it is not thrown away. Just set aside till a job arises calling for the tool needed. A PTO (power take off) and a three point hitch has changed many a landscape into food producing or building needs all over the world. Man and machine.

Ready to go to work!



Everyday eats till they are all picked. I cannot take credit for these.

Neighbor brought them over as he cannot eat them as fast as they are coming on. His wife, my wife, do not/will not, have anything to do with a radish. So it is just the men eating. 

He has a great crop. Different species. Says he likes these the best as they do not get "punky/mushy" late in the growing season. 

Cleaned, washed and then dipped in salt sprinkled on a paper plate. Great crunch right out of the ground. A hint of heat and great flavor. I will do these later in the season for winter picking. 

Her shakes her head when I eat these. Maybe it is the crunch. Or the "wows" over and over. I told our neighbor that it is a good thing we cannot grow beer, have them come on like this and be the only two responsible for the consumption. 



I saw that a couple of my onions were going to seed. I knew that it was too early in their growth, not exactly why. Much like the pine trees that went dormant during this past winter hard freeze and then came out over-producing pine cones for future growth and species preservation, the onions were doing the same thing. 

Sensing a hard cold or experiencing too much sun and too little water, the plants go into seed early. The wanting or need to keep the species going is a corner-stone of Mother Nature's ways. Seeing this first hand is a good lesson. 

These new days of warming temperatures and direct sun warmth and heat have thrown the onions into a panic. I have been watering, but not often enough. The onions are strong; best I have ever grown, but early seeding teaches me to better monitor their needs and what they require. 



Two nights of rain. The garden has exploded. This photo shows yellow squash, lemon leaves have doubled in size and the onions above are very happy. 

All the watering and over-watch and no results like Mother Nature. Maybe we should all stand out in the rain for an hour or so sometime. What have we got to lose?


Ahhhhhhh.... Rain IS the reason. A little research.


More from Selco and found on the Organic Prepper blog site.



During a recent trip to Tyler, TX, this past week, we stopped in at several major shopping stores and were pleasantly surprised at how well the stores have been re-stocked. Filled to the brim with everything, for the most part. 

Full circle ride from fully stocked, to shortages in all areas and now back to fully stocked. Not sure how this holds across the lands but comforting to know the country can still bounce back. C19, political landscape and media design/cooperation with fear mongering and working an agenda have taken a toll this past year. 

Within all of this, stocking up is still possible, good deals if you shop and plan. Bottom line, we are all in the after now. Trust our eyes and our guts in taking care of ourselves and our loved ones for more down times seemingly in the plan. 

Food prices rising. Have seen these stories across other blog sites.

"It can't happen to us? 

Appreciate the visit and have a blessed week.

Oh, ya got an extra couple minutes. Meet "Skidboot" and his owner. Your heart will thank you. God Bless folks in Texas.

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