Sunday, May 26, 2019


A 20's something shooting at 30'. First time ever. Nervous. Asked us for help, one on one. 

We look for any reason, not that we need one, to go to the range and plink. Practice. Visit with others. Maybe clean a few cobwebs to boot. 

The reason behind many of the youngsters we see like this varies. Some are in physical danger, some are curious. Some are conflicted with shooting guns and  gun ownership that goes against some of the grains of their lives. They all have a common gut feeling that having this skill set is the right thing to do for themselves. Individual thinkers. 

We enjoy time with them in a no-threat, non-judgmental environment and concentrate our training on gun safety and basics. Some of the gun baggage they bring with them is cleaned out and they leave with the wanting of more for the right reasons. Sport, improving skill sets, self protection and a better understanding of their individual right to bear arms. It is all good!!  


The author of the article excerpt is written by SELCO, a survivor the Balkan War. Just maybe, good food for thought!



Family hand-me-down butcher knife. Holds an excellent edge and perfect for long pulls through a slab 'O' meat. 

Last slab of 5 cryo packed beef flaps. I do not know that we save any money any more cutting our own steaks, flank steaks and steak tips. But we do get a choice and I enjoy some butchering practice. The freezer better feeds the grill as good weather is now upon us.

Try this. Probably shared before. Marinate your flank steak in a large flat dish in soy sauce, W sauce and A1 steak sauce. Lots of garlic and lots of chopped green onions. Turn once during the day. 

Hot up your grill. Toss the wet marinated flank fteak on, drop the cover for 3 minutes. Do not check on the flair-ups. Turn and repeat. Flank steak usually varies in thickness. The thinner parts will be well done, then medium and then rare as you work your way into the middle. Adjust cook times as wanted. Let rest a few minutes before slicing. But serve when sliced. 



We enjoyed it. Good entertainment every episode. We were not the type of fans that found fault in every turn of events. Took it a face value. 

I read where there are over a million folks signing a petition to have the producers re-do this whole last season. Yes, they are serious. No concept that they have an off button and freedom of choice not to partake.



Weather in middle New Hampshire is most cooperative this holiday weekend. Rain holds off till late night time and sun and warmth prevails during the day. 

Attended a house warming an hour north of here yesterday. Laid back, relaxing and good conversations with many friends. Jello shots were available and I could not tell you the last decade in which I had Jello shots. Serious dieting now stopped me from enjoying a few tastes of the past, but watching others sufficed. I did though step out with a few shots of the non-alcoholic fruit punch. 

Last Rolling Thunder Ride in DC today. We did a half dozen of those trips and rides in years past and a part of us is sad that something this wonderful for all veterans, and one of the largest motorcycle rides each year is passing.


Trip with son to the 100 yard range last week.

Re-visiting MOA adjustments, bullet drop and adjusting the scope as needed for varying distances. 

Test will be next time to the 200 yard range with a bullet drop of 22" at that distance. Will I be able to do the math and adjust the scope to at least get on paper first shot?

Surprisingly accurate, bullet drop from 50 yards to 100 yards was within two clicks of doing the math. 

A little shaky on holding the perfect center, trigger pull and correct breathing also played their parts.

Plinking with family and friends always a great outing too.

Thanks for the visit this week. 

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