Sunday, March 3, 2019


The Ol' 2003 Dodge truck turned 200K miles this past week. 

She has been a good ol' truck. Driven daily, always garaged, some rust, burns a little oil and maintained by one local mechanic. Oil change every 3000 miles and my son put in a new driver's seat (new=used) as I had worn the other one to the metal framework. A strong, dependable member of the family for sixteen years and has done everything a truck can do and needs to do. From grocery shopping, road trips with dogs to hauling and towing.  

But her time has come and more from an old man's wanting of a newer used SUV that has plenty of room, easier to get in and out of and very comfortable to road trip in.  So come April/May, a good cleaning and a "for sale" sign.  



Probably beating a dead horse here with more pics of quiche and commenting. 

My wife opted for sausage, veggies, cheese quiche this past week over my suggestion of a sausage/cheese omelet. I said that would be fine even though it put breakfast back an hour in the preparation and cooking. BUT, it was well worth the wait. 

A team effort in preparing the ingredients and then a 35 minute bake. I think quiche like this fits into my love for excellent gooey pizza or a plate of perfect spaghetti sauce covering a plate of pasta. The fun thing about making a quiche for a meal is it can be tailored to what you like. The one picture here was left overs. No omelet can compare. 


It was her birthday last week. Homemade butter pie crust. I used a Martha Stewart recipe and it is wonderful. Frozen sour cherries from the local co-op market were picked up Friday. After lunch, she oversaw the filling and lattice work. 

I said this a year ago here and repeat; her mother always made her a cherry pie for her birthday and I continue with the tradition. It does put a smile on her face and her mother is proud of both of us, I am sure.



Not going to get the weekly posts up consistently each Sunday. Maybe hit or miss for awhile. 


Bohemian Rhapsody 2018

Much better than I had expected. The story is well-written, well-acted and the music is in of itself worth your time. After you watch this movie, go here for a follow up. Watch for the kiss to his mother. Turn the sound up. A performer's performer, owning the crowd and the voice and the music. Enjoy.

Free Solo.

Find an hour and a half of uninterrupted time and watch this movie. Find out about this kid and watch him climb. Good stuff. 

Hidden Figures. 

I lived through this time period and remember it well. But I did not know any of this history. Good movie. 


A week till day light savings starts. Another seasonal milestone. 

Four inches of fresh power snow this Thursday morning. The beauty is eventually offset by late morning work of snow removal. 

And more tonight. Oh joy!

Thanks for the visit this week. 

I leave you with a treat. Try this once following her video instructions. Great flavor.


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