Sunday, February 3, 2019


".....For those of us who like to be prepared, it is a stark reminder.

We fight, and win or lose, our battles with the equipment that has been deployed in quantity.

We may lust for ARs and monometal projectiles but the battle in the trenches will be decided with 10/22s, Marlin 795 semi-autos and bulk packed .22LR ammo and Mossberg 500 pump shotguns."


This week started with early breakfast down the road with a good friend. A pancake house. Waffle, two eggs sunnyside up, bacon and extra bacon. All soaked with butter and syrup. I can never finish it all. And no, there has never ever been a piece of bacon returned.

We scheduled a late in the week meet at the range. Practice cold weather shooting and for me, practice being out and trying to function in the extreme winter weather passing through the North East this past week. Arm chairing this is easy. Getting out and doing is another story. I wanted to see for myself. 

The photo to the left was taken inside the Dodge early morning, mid week. We watched the temperature drop 10 degrees from the garage to down town in just a few minutes. Photo worthy!

Our morning low temp this past week, is mild compared to the cold that passed through middle states, but -10 degrees will get attention the minute the door is opened and on the quick walk from the parking lot to the store. 

It also causes the heat to be turned on high when returning to the car and a few minutes adjusting before driving away. Maybe adjusting attitude more than anything.

So to see for myself, I talked him into going to the range Friday. Temperatures forecasted to be somewhat improved plus abundant sunshine. 

I put new glass on the .22 rifle and wanted to zero-in plus play with plinking the range hillside. Arthritic shoulders still allow me to shoot a .22 rifle. No kick back. 

The target above right was the final zero at 50 yards. OAT was 15 degrees; no wind. Toes cold and fingers numbed fairly quickly. Fine motor skills gone. Loading the magazine nearly impossible. Getting the magazine out of the bay was impossible with gloves on. Several times, it was gloves off, make an adjustment and gloves back on. And we also cheated by climbing back in the truck to warm hands and feet. Adjusting windage and elevation needed to be done with gloves off for final zero.

It takes no stretch of the imagination, when out in this kind of weather, that doing any kind of outdoor activity quickly becomes out of the ordinary from good weather norms. Once the fingers turn numb and the toes go, further activity is hampered and the longer the duration in the cold, the numbness increases quickly to inability to function.

Hand warmers in the gloves helped, but mandated that hands and gloves were closed around the warmer. Fingertips never came back.

I was most impressed at how fast extreme cold can take away the senses and limit mobility and function. All it takes is minutes. This lesson plinking on the range transfers to any outdoor activity in extreme cold. If you are not fully prepared head to toe, time is limited and will quickly become an emergency.  The .22 rifle quickly turned into a cold piece of metal that should not have been handled w/o gloves on. 

Going through sock drawers looking for the wool socks this weekend. Trying  on several pairs of hiking boots and boot boots with the heavy socks to see if my foot even fits into them later this morning. Also trying on all gloves pairs with hand warmers installed. The use of hand warmers is also a skill that should be natural before going into the extreme cold. More practice and learning this coming week. 

The secret to having to function in extreme cold is being prepared from toes to head. To be able to sustain warmth and comfort for longer durations.

The short of this trip to the range, I was not prepared for longer durations in that cold weather. I would have become a liability with in twenty minutes. 


Today, the shelves of ammunition are full. The gun cases and wall racks in local gun stores leave no empty spaces. One might think that it will be like this tomorrow and next week. 

Red flag laws are sprouting up in every state and the Left lawmakers are seeking every twist and turn they can think of to limit access of guns and ammunition to the general public. If these bills pass into law, a run on all of these supplies will happen overnight. Especially if waiting periods and background checks are required to acquire ammunition. 

The billion rounds of .22 ammunition produced by Aguila and other ammunition makers will disappear. 

Wall displays will become sparse and future inventories questionable. This was the case just a couple years ago. Twenty-two ammunition had a limit per customer if it was even available. 

This has happened before and with new left-leaning political majorities, it will happen again. History repeats. 

Word on the streets is get it while you can. If this does not interest you or apply, consider investment and barter.  


Yep, I watched that one. 

Belichick and Brady noticeably younger and pride shown by NFL players. 

How fast and far we have sunk in such a short period of time.  Even the current Budweiser SB commercial well fits today's times.

Enjoy the video and have the sound up.

Have a wonderful week. Thanks for the visit.

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