Sunday, August 26, 2018


Second batch of beef jerky this season. Eight pounds of brisket, seven pounds after trimming. Soaked for 24 hours and dehydrated for 12-15. I cut the pieces a little thicker this time and against the grain. We term this free food as it is great for anytime snacking and works well within the diets we try to maintain.

End of the world worthy and with winter setting in, a vacuum bag of jerky in the truck center console tucks in nicely. Does not to be an emergency to open and snack. This is an anytime, any season food item easily made at home.

For this batch. 1 1/4 cup soy sauce/cold water each; 1/2 table spoon of onion powder, a few shakes of salt, 40 turns of medium grind black pepper, three full tablespoons of brown sugar, three soupspoons full of prepared garlic, 1/4 cup of Wsauce. Over night in the fridge for 24 hours. Turn and mix every 6 hours. 

Pat dry with paper towels and set dehydrator according to instructions. The above is a basic recipe for me. Other flavors and spices can easily be added for individual tastes. Leave garlic pieces and pepper on the jerky when patted dry for dehydration.

Eight pounds of brisket does not fill the dehydrator. Should be ready by bed time tonight



We no longer grow gardens beyond a few herbs. But this season in New England has been warm and wet with mother nature doing most of the work. A few days of heat followed by a good rain soaking and friends with gardens are offering up more than they/we can eat. Any small social events now finds all sorts of free local veggies on the kitchen table.

Fresh cucumbers and a box load of red ripe tomatoes have served up a couple batches of Gazpacho these past few weeks. No muss, no fuss lunch or dinner. Oh, add a couple toasted garlic bread slices for lagniappe!!



Air boat #2 (son's project) has sanded fiberglass bottom completed.  Rudders, horizontal trim wing completed and inside coated for water proofing. Top decking, engine and gear planned for this coming week. This a work of art and we both are excited about run #1.

New engine and enlarged front and side air venting on my boat. A 9x6 propeller spins  @ 10,000 RPM and drives the boat as fast as the 11x4 did. Had a successful test run a few days ago but no video.


EBOLA Harsh language be warned. BUT you will find nothing like this article in the mainstream. Keep an eye out for any of this spreading. 



Stay away from crowds!! As always, thanks for the visit this week. 

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