Tuesday, November 8, 2016


It is too late now. Even if we made it to the shed, it offers no refuge, shelter nor comfort. I have often thought of fixing her bones, even if to go for an out of the way vacation and weekend getaway. This is the moment of regret that has rested in the back of my mind for years. Something inside of me said fix her up and something inside of me said that there is plenty of time.   

Maybe, just maybe we will be lucky and all the turmoil will pass with no more than bumps in the road.

 I am hoping we can go to neighbors for help, or even across town to in-laws for a few weeks if it comes to that. They have supplies and room for all of us. Ought not be a burden for them and we are and have always been good family and friends. Talk of curfews check points along major highways soon.

I wanted to drop you a quick note this morning. I know you are too far away to help and there is no time for us to bring and get our belongings all the way to your home. Any last minute suggestions will be appreciated.


NA and family


NA may be sending a similar letter like this, before years end, to close family and friends. I was privy to a conversation between NA and other folks months ago. It is old news now and I question my bringing it up. But the prepared are going to be asked, on many levels, to help and take care of those who are not. This is going to be a challenging road to stay for the ready and not so much. 


I came across an old stainless steel soup pot a few months back. Thicker SS than most off-the-shelf pots of today. Size also perfect in that I can make a couple man bowls of soup and not have three days of leftovers. As much as I crave soup, three days of anything is just too much. Her is not a fan of most of my soups. Too brothy and the cooked vegetables do not appeal to her either. So soup for one, made in 15 minutes or less and left on the stove to steep until lunch or snacking. Her is a thick soup kinda girl; mushroom, clam chowder, cream of broccoli and cheese and potato soup. 

I do find comfort in cooking soups and making bread. Earthy and grounding and on this election day, earthy and grounding are in order for me. Good ground chuck roast, a handful of frozen meat balls, sauteed vegetables and garlic in good olive oil, can of beef broth, ground black pepper and salt to taste, a squirt of tomato paste for color and flavor. A walk out to the wood shed for the last offerings of fresh parsley and thyme, pulled, chopped, dropped on top of the soup. Leave it alone now, but broth tasting too often I cannot change. 

You'll see soup here over the winter posts. Good full flavor soup is a practiced art form in our kitchen. I tend to think more is better but have learned that less and simplicity works best. Top grade ingredients a must. 


 Our golden is helping me this morning with the wonderfulness of simple things in life. She is wagging, pacing, watching and looking at me. It is time to go outside to live she is telling me. She knows not of the concerns of man on this day. Good for her and I am not going to tell her. I think we are going to stack some wet wood to the front of the wood shed. She will help and then lay and watch. It is cold out this morning, so she may opt to come in early and enjoy the hearth behind the wood stove. Priorities.

Her is holding signs and doing her politicking at the polls this morning, through to the last ballot is cast tonight. My responsibility is taking hot coffee, a good lunch and most likely a warm Thermos, or two, of goodness to her. What ever it takes to keep her up and moving.  She loves doing this for all the right reasons.

If one thing is certain I think, all of the past daily 8 years of media mud, apparent corruption and constant quick sand, will change into more mud and quicker sand. I see no end in sight but with a little help and some goodness prevailing, things may settle down. I will not breath a sigh of relief till well after January, even then? But my antenna have been up for so long that the uppy downy mechanism is corroded.  I get out to push them down only to find they spring back up when I let go.

I cannot land on advice here in the after, yet I want to. I have no advice for me, us, let along you and others. Lots of ping ponging, but no level and stable platform to gain balance. So many parts of me wants to extend a hand of "here it is" optimism/pessimism with a few OMGs OMGs, that when taken together, paint a long term healthy landscape for all.  

Next official post again in a few days - Sunday. Peek your head around the corner here, this coming weekend and see if the after survived election week. If it is a dozen pictures of home made soup, you know I need an intervention.


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