Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Her birthday today. She is a year older and we do not go all out for most holidays any more. After a few years and years together, all of the holiday hoopla gives way to simplicity of being and doing together. Little gifts always, but nothing in the line of jewelry, clothes or getting on an airplane to parts unknown. Nothing gets us on airplanes anymore.

Her mother always made her a cherry pie for her birthday. I learned that early on. In fact there are a lot of stories on how she did things. She refers to her mother often. If you visit here from time to time you will see that our parents and grandparents still influence our lives. A heart thing.


So I take it upon myself to make sure “her” has a homemade cherry pie on her birthday. A card from the heart and a small gift of some sort. We both say do not get each other anything now for Christmas, birthdays, Valentines Day, Easter and so forth. But neither of us can go those days w/o saying Happy happy. The gift is secondary or thirdly.

Her” is home today. She is gifting herself more down time these days and today's weather is predicting ice on top of snow. A good day to make a cherry pie. “Her” helped with special prepping of canned cherries because mom's pies were more tart than what I put together. The lacing of top crust was a joint effort. Two sets of hands helps that process. As I write, we wait for the pie to cool before we dive in.

Her” has a special giggle and facial expression she expresses at things she really likes. This year's birthday card was set on a can of Bear Spray. She giggled and laughed. Asked me where I got it. Turned over the attached card and fully read the instructions. Good present.

Then I brought up her YAESU FT-1900 Ham Radio. She knew I was getting her that. In fact she knew I had it and already pre-programed our 35 or so frequencies a few weeks ago. No big surprise.

She is studying for her Technician Ham License and I am studying for the General License. Testing set for April.

Another Cherry Pie and another year in the books.