Sunday, February 11, 2024


Young couple and 20 month-old son came down from NH for a few days visit last weekend. Wife is pregnant with a daughter and they wanted to get in a quick vacation trip while traveling was still "easy." My wife and I knew it would be a few days of things being different and it was. Their 20 month-old son is all boy in every sense of the word. A beautiful boy and running his waking moments in 5th gear, pedal all the way to the floor. 

We did our best to get out of their way as a young couple's life with child played out here for a few days. As volunteer grandparents, we marveled at how they do it all. Both mom and dad fully vested in all of the moments of raising a youngster. I sat back and watched, my wife played on the sidelines making sure what they needed or wanted was in the queue. 

We caught up on life in general, visited about what it was like living in Texas and the changing times we live in. Enjoyed a real Mexican meal at a "real" Mexican restaurant. One of their wishes while visiting here.

The boy was totally enamored with all of the rocks in the driveway, fast enough and smart enough to trick his parents into thinking that he was not going head first into a big puddle of fresh rain water in the yard only to fully take advantage of the moment he leapt into and sat down in the middle of the puddle. He had us all laughing and for that moment in time, the little boy's life was full and complete in the middle of that puddle. Mom and dad explained that was just him being him. The expression of complete happiness on his little face could have written a book.

And so began the disrobing of a sopping wet child. Boots, stocking cap, coat, and double sets of winter attire. Child held at arms' length by one parent while the other helped remove layers of clothes. Eventually down to diapers and wrapped in a large towel. A bath was in order and no doubt the youngster knew that, too, was part of the full puddle experience. 

I would have loved to have gotten a photo or two, but surprising how one young child can own the time of 4 adults. Good memories. Great visit.



Young kittens first mouse. 



Super Bowl tonight and once more, I will not be watching. Bold headlines that this will be the biggest audience ever. Maybe so, but I cannot go into that woke world no matter how bad I want to watch and how much I miss the Super Bowls of old. When commercials were one of the main draws and when football was football. 

It appears that Taylor Swift is as big a player this year as the teams playing. I admit that I am looking forward to a few headlines in the morning that will sum up this year's game. Will she be seen as the real reason of win/loss? Yea, I am sitting here shaking my head. Moving on.


FROM THE BUTLER COUNTY SHERIFF. A short video found on The Feral Irishman's blog post last week.

The video above was a good one for me. Best we be prepared to be on our own.  And in keeping with all that has been happening on the world stage, I still cannot say what the days, weeks and months ahead may actually bring. But to ignore and do nothing is not a plan.

Sheriffs are front and center in Texas. They pass by our home on a regular basis and once early on stopped in to say hello and welcome us to Texas. 

 A final word found on The Ace of Spades blog on February 02, 2024.

 "America is closing down soon. Plan accordingly." 

I am not sure why the above quote grabbed my attention. Maybe it is in the simplicity of comment.


Five dozen onions in the ground. Raised beds being prepped for potatoes this coming week. Ten pounds of red seed potatoes cut in half for hardening and will be planted soon. We eat all onions and potatoes we plant.

Fresh herbs on the feed store shelves with a promise that early season vegetable plants will arrive soon. 

Too early to say winter is over here and that spring has sprung. But, rose bushes pruned, Pampas grass will be trimmed by month's end. Spring is springing but not yet fully sprung!

Hobby work bench nearly completed. 

Rain this weekend has this project on hold till tomorrow. In a perfect world, this will appear in next week's blog as a finished project. 

Appreciate your visit this week. You know the drill.

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