Sunday, October 9, 2022


Pool Fishing
Ponds are called pools in Texas

Might not look like a place for exciting fishing. But the day before, a catfish took my buddies pole and reel off the bank and into the pool. He got it back later by fishing for the fishing pole. Yes, the catfish was still attached. A good fishing story. Lots of "yahooing" and laughing. I so love to laugh. 

But on this night, just a couple crappie. A cold beer and lots of man fishing talk. 

SV Airspeed

Bottom paint completed and waiting 6 days for it all to cure. I think this sail boat is art beyond words. This vessel is "good to go" under the water line for the next few years plus will pick up an extra knot of speed. 


Project progress

On the bench.

Project complete.

Her vision from the find of an old wheelbarrow wheel two months ago: to have an old wheelbarrow yard display full of yellow mums. Mission complete!



I have shared this video before. A great video showing how rotor blades are constantly changing pitch/angle of attack to equalize lift around the  spinning rotor system. Thank you, Igor.

FYI. A helicopter rotor system has to have equal lift around the flying disc of rotor blades. Thus, the reason for the constant changing of angle of attack during all flight. 

There are more factors and aerodynamic issues that come into play and here is a good video showing and explaining one issue associated with helicopter rotor systems. RETREATING BLADE STALL. 


So much chatter this week regarding use of nuclear weapons. 

How bad could it really be? Just asking on behalf of the world peeps.

Keep your heads up for False Flags. 


Short post this week. Been busy with life stuff and interrupted sleep. 

Keep on keeping on. God bless.

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