Sunday, August 21, 2022


Three months of drought. Triple digit temperatures. Starting later today, three inches of rain forecasted. A few hours of steady rain a couple days ago and with that, moments of relief and hopes of local cattleman and farmers getting in one more mowing of hay. 

Local gardener says her plants are telling her that fall has already arrived. Everyone is ready for this official weather change. 

Cloud cover and lower temperatures are heaven, just heaven. 

SALT AND TAR this past week. If you are in a rush, start at the 12 minute mark and watch till the end. Good stuff. 

Chores and projects this past week. Life stuff. Short post.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed week. 

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  1. In Oregon, we got the gardens in late due to a long and wet spring. Corn grew to about 2' high. Hot days and cold nights. It's fall time.