Sunday, June 19, 2022



Today, the price of Rice a Roni (like everything else) has or soon will be twice the price. The box may get smaller along with the flavor packet. Profit is profit and companies will always adjust accordingly. So how can we fight back?

Add more rice from our home shelf items. This box of Rice a Roni is one of my favorites, but the quantity inside lacks.

My wife keeps saying our mothers were queens at building meals out of very little. 

Folks feeding a large family already know how to extend meal size and bulk.

Visited mid-week with a good friend in NH. He said that his extended family always has joked that if the going gets tough, they are just going to all come to his house in the country.  The scary part about this is that "they" already expect him (his duty) to step up and take care of their needs/wants when those hard times come knocking. 

He has told them that is not going to happen, but they laugh and shrug that advice/warning off. 

His relatives are serious as a heart attack about coming to his home when SHTF. 

I have written here about the gallons of raw milk we get from local dairies. We have been paying $8 a gallon. Now, the price is up to $10 and $12 per gallon. I am surprised that it is not higher given the cost of farming and taking care of animals and land. Cost of travel to the dairy farm to purchase a gallon of milk is now $20. 


Half and half coffee cream is a must have item in our home. For well over a month, it has been almost impossible to find at our large chain store. Local, yes, but wife will not spend: Yet!! 

I learned of milk in a box stored in pantry shelves while we lived in South Africa a few years ago. This food item is meant for folks without access to reliable refrigeration.  

Buck and a quarter for a quart and the ones pictured above are good until March of next year. Find at your local markets and dollar stores. 

Given the speed at which everything is declining/failing and falling apart, March expiration date is now long-term planning. Presently, I have a difficult time seeing beyond September.
North Carolina Renegades   spend time with these two videos below. 

Message for Americans  An absolutely must watch.

Boots on the Ground   June 18 

None of us get a pass from what is coming. 

Triple-digit temperatures hitting now every day through early July. I see some forecast days as high as 105 degrees. "Feels-like" will most likely be fifteen to 20 degrees higher. This is new territory for my wife and me. "Feels-like" temperature here hit 119 degrees when I posted last Sunday. 

I have taken down half the garden as it has already produced and is waning in this heat. Tomatoes, string beans and peppers still on. No second planting till this hot spell breaks. 

Son sent from NH

Mom and fawn roam the woods there.

I like this photo. Yard clean up. 


For years, The After has been talk of history and planning for down times. Now we are in it. Maybe should re-name this blog to; YOUMEANDTHETODAY. 

Appreciate the visit. Keep adding to your supplies and skill sets. Have a blessed week.

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  1. You could go for You Me and the Other Side (as in see you on the other side).
    We've made sure to keep the plants watered in the heat with extra if the leaves start to curl.