Sunday, April 22, 2018


I seethe at most things California but make one exception this time of the year and that is bulk purchase of California Naval Oranges. They are a meal in and of themselves and bleed the best sweet juice with every bite. They are what an orange should be in my opinion. Peel easily and segments part off with a little juice mess because of their ripeness. Impossible to eat without a hand rinse afterwards. 

I usually eat an orange in private because I slurp, drip and make ummmmm, yummm noises that are most annoying. The first orange of the season is always eaten along side the Dodge in the parking lot. Tailgate down, orange peels tossed in the bed. No little fingers in the air. A half bottle of water to wash up. Doubt me not. No one enjoys this first spring orange like I do. 

These are the oranges I use to make Honey Orange Mead. A gallon batch calls for a cup or so of fresh orange juice or a whole orange segmented into the gallon jug. I add a little more. Three pounds of honey is called for and I add a few more ounces as I prefer the sweeter smoothness over a harder alcohol flavor. Takes a year before the final racking and shelving. Full disclosure, I do dabble in it earlier if the batch flavor cooks on early. 



Nope, not going to take a photo. It is the same old story. Nothing new to add but the wife has had her fill. I know I have, but she is "winky" on the edge and I need to talk her down, especially in the morning when the house is cold and we are wrapped in layers looking like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. There is no one to complain to because no one wants to hear it. Even the die-hard winter people have had their fill.

Her headed to Concord in the midst of this winter mess last weekend. She was gone for 20 minutes and then appeared coming through the kitchen door. Said the roads got increasingly worse after she got on the highway headed south. It was the black SUV, several hundred feet off the freeway, overturned and on fire that set her looping home on back roads. 

I do feel sorry for the cat. She has wintered fine in her heated cat house in the garage. Fed well and even enjoyed warm days in the house. But her head and heart are outside. The thrill of the hunt skills somewhat diminished and she has been teased this past month with a few warm days and nights. She has quit using the cat litter box in the garage. Her way of forcing better spring weather and a middle cat claw to winter. She will head outside now with fresh snow on the ground to do her business and then scurry back in to her warm hut. If cats scowl, then her looks this morning at the ground cover mimic my wife's. Her need to be outside at will, roaming her kingdom, is long over due. I give her kitty loves and tell her of better weather to come. But this week was still wintering in her cat house. Promises, promises!

The little birds are back, having been noticeably gone due to exposed spring grounds. Mother Nature providing. But this morning the little ones were hitting feeder leftovers and scratching the ground nearby. Their chirps are songs I very much enjoy. I topped off the feeder knowing they will be here for a few days till the ground is again clear. 


Strong women in the news. Who knew?

I vaguely remember the story of Jessica Buchanan, but have never seen this interview with her. Powerful. 

This story speaks volumes as to who we are. We the country and we the people. God, Country, Family, Flag and doing the right thing....well, we do not hear about much of this do we? I will guess, though, if you watched this it may have stirred places inside of you that most likely have not been touched in awhile.   

Tammie Jo Shults was the pilot of the 737 that lost the port engine at 32,000' this past week. One of the first women to fly Navy Fighter Aircraft and she performed as trained and representative of her military career and experiences. She is being called a hero and she is. But know it was all in a day's work for her, her crew and Air Traffic Control. 


From American Digest. A customer who has had it. Well written and most likely experiences we can all identify with from time to time.  


Winter is coming           Part two         Part three

Articles from The Burning Platform this past week. Longer reads and may be of interest.


Nearing ten thousand hits soon. A milestone for me but not in the world of blogging where folks get this kind of traffic in several hours or daily. And know that this is nothing I am looking for. Having fun blogging every week would turn into a responsibility and work and change the dynamics beyond my interest. So I am most comfortable with the stats from this little corner of the world. More so appreciative of visitors over the past several years. 

I admit I struggle not to keep stirring the same pot week after week. The major theme is the After and how it will affect all of us. What can we do now, what should we be doing now and are we? Keeping that in the forefront is important without going down the rabbit hole or running naked in the woods. 

When I started blogging, the After seemed years away. Projections and prophecies from others highlighting bad things coming were just that. Something not good is coming so get ready but still a ways off. 

Back then, if you were making any kind of plans to take care of yourself in an After, it put you outside of the borders of what was considered a norm. Today, governments and folks are talking about it and giving advice. Countries have failed miserably from Liberal policies, corruption and greed. We can find such activities, behaviors belief systems today in our own back yard politics as well in the major belt ways. 

States are failing and more people are voting with their feet, taking their skill sets, income and ability to work to different parts of the country that is more appreciative of individual rights and freedoms. This is action as a last ditch effort for individuals and families to survive and thrive. It is always best to get while the getting is good. The day may very well come when the want to leave may mean leaving everything behind to include the bank account. The randomness of law making has no restraints to keep or take freedoms and monies from hard working law abiding citizens. 

The idea to respect, help and protect peoples in some states will not hunt. The people are seen in a much lesser position from having God given rights and the protection afforded every citizen of this country by the Constitution. The people are dirt, deplorable, unwashed and defined by the color of their skin, age and sexual orientation beyond man and woman. 

BUT, today we can still say "hell no"! Today we have choices. What was available yesterday is still available today. State borders are open. Commerce is open. The internet still is available for communications between peoples and nations. We can purchase guns, ammunition and enjoy the shooting sports. We can get meds over the counter for better health, pain management and treating minor scrapes, cuts and wounds.  We can choose where and from whom to purchase needed goods or goods of personal interest. We are free to educate ourselves to any extent. We can save money or get into debt over our heads. We are still a free people in most aspect of living. We are still free to think for ourselves. 


A new week is ahead. Yes, keep your heads up. Watch your paths and help just one person this week, even if it is simply holding the door open for them to pass. "Thank you and you are welcome."



A nice way to end a blog.

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