Sunday, November 26, 2017


No, this is not enough whipping cream. It is a start and as the pumpkin becomes visible in the pie eating thereof, more whipping cream is applied. Most likely not appropriate when in company and that is why I do not eat holiday PP when shared visiting or with visitors. 

Gravy is applied in like fashion. In my world, it is whipping cream and pie or gravy with meat and potatoes. Showing a photo of last weeks meat loaf and mashed potatoes only turns out to show a plate of gravy with bumps in it. 

But know that there is a lot of satisfaction in those moments and a smile just for me.


A quiet Thanksgiving here on the hill. We opted for ham and special potatoes. Thanksgiving dinner was a month ago while brother-in-law and wife were here visiting. Son and fiancee also stayed home this Thanksgiving having just come down with flu symptoms. We delivered dinner to them. 

Her and I watched a few old movies and generally puttered around the house, keeping the fire going. The late afternoon was completed with an hour nap in my man chair. 

Any watching of football now, like in days past, is long gone. Habits changed and more so as the NFL doubles down. There are so many other things to be doing and thinking about. Who knew?


We have never ventured out on this day of the year. We did though give some serious consideration earlier in the week, only to have that thought dashed while out shopping on the day before Thanksgiving. It was already a mad house on the road in a few of the bigger chain stores. We found ourselves holding our breaths and behaving like we were in a dodge ball encounter. Her took a number to look at a few specialty items and found she was number 53 in line to be waited on.

Back on our quiet north freeway to home, we exhaled and collectively sighed "no way."


Baby was watching us do some last of the season yard work yesterday. She spent some of her birthday in one of her favorite spots, keeping an eye on all that we are doing. Ball close by and her world was is in order. 



Have a wonderful week and thanks again for visiting.


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