Monday, June 6, 2016


Being self-sufficient is not a dirty word anymore. More and more folks are talking about it, acting on it and even the elite and great leaders are saying that everyone should have a few days of water and food. Emergency, you know, where folks may have to take care of themselves; maybe help out neighbors. No initial need for “Help Me” signs from the roof tops during the first days of challenge.

Our first preps were a hundred gallons of fresh water in two 55-gallon food- grade barrels and a 25-pound bag pound of rice. We accomplished this in just one day. Add to this, odds and ends in the cupboards, the bride and I were good for a week or two. The major push for me was not to have to panic when the after hit. Most likely, it would be just for a few days and all would return to normal. In the interim, we would not have to worry about basics, but could attend to the new challenges presented to us. No deep thinking nor worry beyond this. All of this started back in 2007 after a year in South Africa. We learned a lot that year. A story of in itself. Beautiful country and lands.

Now, nine years later we have not yet had to resort to that rice and stored water. There are a few more cans of chili w/o beans on the shelves, a few dried beans (need to really learn how to cook those) and odds and ends. And yes, that rice and water have been rotated. I knew you would be worried about that.

I think the important order for all of this is water, food, shelter and a good bottle of gin. There will still be life in the After, although it may be more work just for basics. No one knows for sure and if they do, they are keeping the particulars to themselves. I should add that a few bottles of tonic water and fresh lime would also be welcome but, just the gin in and of itself will help provide some order in our new world. I agree it is short term. I could put in a case and take care of the town, but once someone starts down that road, everything soon becomes a case of this and a case of that. At some point, it will become hoarding and all is lost of the initial concept of being self-sufficient and prepared. Everything in moderation.

Going to cut fresh lettuce from the garden this morning for lunch salad. The lettuce is coming on and appears to be at its peak. Squeaky clean and snaps at the touch. No preservatives. The bride just made her special homemade house dressing. We could feed ourselves just on salads had I planted more lettuce. That applies to any and all we planted this season. We will can any excess for use this winter. Oops, is canning considered a good thing to do now or is it outside basic sufficiency? Just hot water baths for veggies. Pickling string beans next month. Now, there is a treat to add to the gin. A shot washed down with dilly beans. This is excellent, even in good times. But I digress!! The growing season will tell over the next several months.

Now, you will think me crazy. And that is OK. I think all of this extra-curricular thinking of things of tomorrow is more an exercise of keeping my mind active and solving problems that do not exist. But more and more stories are being floated now about our next big worry. Once I start to see more and more of these, I think we may just be few weeks away from the big disclosure. Aliens. Yep, there are aliens. Apparently, quite a few species that have been watching us for centuries. They are grouped and named. Some walk amongst us and the US Government is in contact with them as I write. “Negotiating”, if memory serves me right.

Reports say that most are friendly with just a few species that may want to hurt us. They are watching us to see how we continue to take care of our species and the planet. I get the impression the aliens are seriously worried about us. “Klaatu barada nikto”, or something.

I will not panic the morning the news is announced or dropped on us. The media will not believe it. Most will likely make fun of it and the folks making the official announcement. But government officials have already announced this before. Documented reports and accounts. But they are all crazy as have been every one of the millions of sightings over the course of history. Even the stuff floating and visiting near the space station these days. All just imagination and nothing to see here. But what are those blobs and triangular shapes? If there is nothing to see here then why report it. I wonder if aliens ships have bathroom issues or are worried about their fleets salt intake? And what is their tour of duty? One year circling Earth and the Moon, then back home to Korg for 17 Mili Lunes? These are things worth worrying about.

I do not note my sources as a multitude of stories are on the net and one can pick and choose depending on one's take. Plenty for believers and skeptics.

A good bottle bottle of gin makes more and more sense huh?