Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Flipping through You Tube videos for entertainment recently and watched Julia Child's teach making French Onion Soup. Her accent and the emphasis she puts on her cooking terminology is in and of itself, entertaining.

Near the end of the video she says to put the cheese covered soup in the oven to brown it and be careful not to burn it. Well, she did burn it. No re-do, re-play or editing. Just burned French Onion Soup brought into the dinning room and ladled into a bowl for serving. She did not bat an eye, just carried on.

I also found Jacques Pepin, whom I had never heard of before. Watched a few of his videos. A pleasant change of pace from other main stream presentations. It was his video on making RATATOUILLE that gets this blog posted this morning.

I love vegetables and am open to most any vegetable cooked in any fashion. My wife is more streamlined and only likes what she likes. Quite often a raised eyebrow when I am experimenting in the kitchen. And that is fine. So the Ratatouille was thrown together during one of her gone work days. I can make my messes and get them all cleaned up before she arrives home.

I followed Pepin's video and appreciated the small kitchen he was working in and not having enough room to set things aside in a cooking procedure. My kinda guy. And there was no delicate procedure in the making of Ratatouille. Garlic and vegetables chopped and added to the pot. A little salt and pepper and cook for an hour or so. I cooked for a half hour as I do not like over cooked vegetables.

I let it set for an hour, ladled a couple of scoops into a soup bowl, sprinkled on some cheese and ringed the edge of the bowl with cool Calamata olives.
It was very good. I liked the flavor, broth and could see another batch made from fresh garden vegetables this summer. The olives were the “icing on the cake” and flavor enhancing. Tasted better the next day as so many leftovers do. From the wife, raised eyebrows and a sideways glance. We move on.

Seasons changing here and not earth shaking news. But I am always amazed, more so as I get older, at mother nature and the comings and goings of her annual brood.

The new garlic peaking out early ahead of the rest of the crop. A sign that spring is springing. Chives exploding all on their own. The Pear and Apple trees just coming into bloom today as is all the other greenery. Just today they are breaking free. Fresh yellow on the Forsythia near the flag pole and of course her lilies have been ahead of the curve here by weeks.

I tried pushing mother nature here a few days ago by getting into the sun drenched rocking chair on the front porch. Was going to start surveying the kingdom with dog at my side. But try as I did to enjoy sun soaking, the gentle left over winter wind won the moment.

I read this morning that the “Millennials” are now the largest living generation. Also learned that at 70 years old, I am no longer categorized. Cannot hold on to “Baby Boomer” any more. My son is not a Millennial, he is “Generation X.” I am disappointed in that as I was planning on letting him know that his generation is in charge now. I guess his time has passed too. He has to wait till 2028 but I bet today's classifications will all be redefined by then. A new generation is officially upon us. Feels good to pass all of that responsibility on to someone else.

When someone starts to complain in my presence, I am going to point towards someone between the ages of 18 and 34 and explain that the Millennials are now in the driver's seat. But, self driving cars, buses and trucks coming soon to a roadway near you. Robots cooking and serving your lunch? Chalk on the sidewalk a problem? Tell a Millennial!!